Sophia Hou

Principal , Guangzhou Branch Office Manager
Sophia Hou

Sophia Hou is the director of Lusheng Guangzhou Branch Office.  

Sophia has 18 years’ experience in intellectual property enforcement in China through administrative action, customs protection, civil litigation and criminal prosecution.  She has served numerous international clients on IP protection with tailored strategy and is known for her client-centric and result-oriented professional advice.

Sophia also has good experience of advising clients in their supply chain management through IP compliance audit and trade secret protection strategy.  In 2015, Sophia worked half a year in Rouse Vietnam office as a foreign IP lawyer. Sophia travels extensively in mainland China handling a wide variety of IP enforcement cases of infringements of trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret and unfair competition. 

Professional qualifications

  • Masters degree in civil and commercial law in Sun Yat-Sen University

  • Qualified as a Top-Level Trade Secret Protection Specialist

  • PRC licensed lawyer

  • Bachelor’s Degree in English language from Changsha Railway University, Hunan province, China