Lusheng is a specialised IP law firm and patent agency, providing a full range of IP services, including infringement analysis, litigation, patent agency services, and other related legal advice.


My 30-minute conversation with Lusheng Commercial team was worth more than three of my last business trips to China.

Fortune 100 US technology owner

We at Semblant have Jin Ling on our customer licensing team in China.  Ling’s broad knowledge of the government, taxes and laws help smooth out our customer negotiations. She has been instrumental in live customer interface and helps us close contracts with our customers.

Don Cunningham, CCO, SVP Sales, Semblant

The Rouse Network consists of local subsidiaries of Rouse International Limited and closely aligned but independent firms which work seamlessly together on engagements. Which elements of work are done by which entity depends entirely on the country in which work is carried out, in compliance with relevant legal and regulatory provisions.